Lyncorp Manufacturing, with its proven Quality Management System, has served a multitude of clients in the drilling, mining, oil & gas and various other industries.
Located on the south side of Okotoks, Alberta, we have fabricated hydraulic centrifuge stands, manifold skids and shacks, masts and monkey boards, v-doors, centrifuge systems, hydraulic catwalks/pipe racks, drilling rig buildings, camp support units, pipe racks, poly shears, various skid mounted packages, dual containment horizontal mixing/storage unit, dewatering systems, conveyors, modular pump systems, commercial structural steel buildings and various industrial structural buildings, platforms, walkways, stairs and ladders.
Our team is certified under CWB, for carbon steel (CSA W47.1, Div. 2) and for aluminum (CSA W47.2, Div. 2), to provide you peace-of-mind for your projects.


With its proven Quality Management System, Lyncorp Manufacturing, has served a multitude of clients in the drilling, mining, oil & gas and various other industries.
Located on the south side of Okotoks, Alberta, we have fabricated double wall invert tanks, frac ponds, asphalt tanks, blowdown tanks, floc tanks, mixing bins, hydraulic combination tanks, mud tanks, pre-mix tanks, four-sided shale bins, blow back tanks and various chute systems for materials handling.
With our CNC laser table, we can quickly and accurately process plate sheets 6’ wide by 12’ long, up to 1” thick, for anything from decorative signs to components for heavy industrial equipment. Our team is certified to weld carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum for any of your project needs.


Lyncorp Manufacturing, is ABSA certified for ASME B31.3 process piping and ASME B31.1 power piping. We currently have four weld procedures covering P1 carbon steel (including low temperature applications), P8 Stainless steel (308/308L; 316/316L) and P43 chromoly.
Our welders use GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding – wire feed) and SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding – stick).
The Lyncorp team works directly with our client engineering teams, or nominated third party client engineers, to ensure that all specifications are clearly understood and the required paperwork flows from our hands with all of the completed work scopes. We use third party subcontractors for NDE and PWHT, as required.


At Lyncorp Manufacturing we have the benefit of 52,000 sqft. of indoor, heated, space available to our team.

The building has two main areas:

  • The lower roof area:
    • Under two 10-ton gantry cranes with a maximum lift height of 19’
    • Has 5 external access doors for materials or equipment entry
    • Houses the rollers, bending brake, CNC laser table, CNC waterjet table, saws and other materials preparation tools.
  • The high roof area:
    • Under two 30-ton cranes with a maximum lift height of 24’10”
    • Has two access doors that can open to 30’ wide by 30’ high to accommodate a full-size Alberta module.

We offer trial fitment of skids / modules so as to ensure confidence for our clients that components assemble as planned, prior to paint or shipping.


Lyncorp Manufacturing has a 2,000 sqft machine shop, housed within the main fabrication shop.

In the machine shop we have the following equipment:

  • Manual Vansdorf boring mill:
    • Maximum component dimensions – 5’ high x 5’ wide x 5’ deep
  • Manual Modern lathe:
    • Maximum component dimensions – 20” swing, up to 6’ long
  • Manual Modern milling machine:
    • Maximum component dimensions – 1’ wide x 2’ long
  • CNC lathe (76HDL):
    • Maximum component dimensions – 18” swing x 3’ long
  • CNC vertical mill (UM1300):
    • Maximum component dimensions – 2’ wide x 4’ long
  • CNC mini mill (MM130)
    • Maximum component dimensions – 1’ wide x 1’ long

Our machine shop is available for stand-alone machined components, or to support our fabrication team when there are machined components as part of the completed design. This in-house capability allows us to save time by removing the typical bottleneck of waiting for external suppliers of these components.


Lyncorp Manufacturing are pleased to be able to offer additional services to our clients that are in need of one-stop service for their work. For any work scopes that we don’t currently self perform, we can subcontract those services to be performed, at either the sub-contractor premises, or at our facility.

Some of the additional services we have coordinated include:

  • Paint, Galvanizing, Rubber lining, Other protective coatings
  • Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls
  • Insulation
  • PWHT (Post Weld Heat Treatment) / NDE (Non-Destructive Examination)