Lyncorp proudly manufactures industry leading environmental containment units for bulk loading and unloading from trucks. Our Enviro boxes are used in agriculture, chemical facilities, transportation centers and oil and gas facilities across Western Canada.
We offer secure containment from minor accidental releases using a formed steel box complete with locking handles and soft opening hydraulic assist lids that lock in the open position for safe operation of the valving inside.
Our boxes feature optional breakaway couplings that immediately stop flow for hazardous commodities, and are available in aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. Each Box can support up to two lines with isolation controls.
Our units are used in the harshest of environments to protect the valving and connection point from the weather. They have grounding lugs to prevent sparking for the safety of the operator. Our boxes can be used in Class 1/ Div 1 environments with the use of intrinsically safe controls and electrical sensors if required.
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