Envirobox/ Truck Out

Lycorp custom fabricated facility and terminal truck connections.

Enviro Box

Dump Bins/ Quick Change Attachment

Lycorp custom fabricated 1 cubic yard dump bins.


Aluminum Boats

Aluminum Boats

Lyncorp Manufacturing builds a variety of aluminum boats for inland and oceanic waters. Weather you will enjoy a day on the river, fishing or whale watching on the ocean, we have a selection for you.

Small Projects

Small Projects


Advanced Metal is ISO-certified and located in Calgary, Alberta. We fabricate, design, customize, and build industrial equipment, including conveyor belts, structural support systems, ladders and platforms, storage silos, industrial ducting, stair railings, machine maintenance, 60m control containers, mine shaft cages and liners, bottom dump skips, attrition scrubbers, concentrators, thickeners and clarifiers, flotation equipment, flail stations, hydrosizers, pipe supports, Y lateral fabrications, caged ladders, pile caps, pipe shoes, and customized flare stacks.


Advanced Metal, with its ISO-certified shop, services a multitude of clients, ranging from small to large oil and gas companies. Located in Calgary, Alberta, we fabricate, construct, and design oil and gas equipment, including double wall invert tanks, frac ponds, hydraulic centrifuge stands, fuel tanks, manifold skids and shacks, masts and monkey boards, v-doors, asphalt tanks, blowdown tanks, floc tanks, mixing bins, centrifuge systems, line crossings, hydraulic combination tanks, hydraulic catwalks/pipe racks, mud tanks, pre-mix tanks, drilling rig buildings, camp support units, four-sided shale bins, floc tanks, 400 BBL tanks, 3000 BBL tanks, 5000 BBL tanks, 750 BBL tanks, blow back tanks, pipe racks/pipe tubs, line crossings, poly shears, matting-bar grated, skid packages, dual containment horizontal mixing/storage unit, dewatering system, modular pumps, and pressure piping.