Lyncorp builds structural steel skids for our clients for many different industry applications. From tank bases to modular frames. We have 5 acres of gravel yard space for large projects and 180” of space between drive through doors that are 30’ wide and 28’ tall with 30’ under 2- 30ton cranes totaling approximately 20,000 sq/ft of production fabrication space. Connected to another 24,000 sq/ft of assembly area
Our CWB certifications for steel fabrication and aluminum fabrication enable us to serve many industries from oil and gas, food processing and commercial truck packaging. Our shop is equipped with high volume welding and cutting equipment capable of creating production line performance to meet your project’s needs. The rest of facility is ready for coordinated steel and pipe fabrication with bays for assembly of your skids, buildings or process equipment package
Our facility is located beside the Hwy 2, High load corridor, just south of Calgary. Our shop in convenient range of all major facilities within Alberta. Lyncorp is an Alberta family owned business serving Alberta.